Markus Jul

Hi, I’m Markus Jul

 I’m a Videographer and Content Creator based in Denmark. My focus is to create Cinematic videos that gives emotion, story and a richful experience. 

In addition to making videos, I have dived into Photography and learned to connect my experience from photos with Filmmaking.


My workflow consists of all the steps from the planning, filming and editing to the finished video. 
I have 4 years of experience making videos and always had an passion about film since i was little. That’s why i want to make videos and be a part of every step to making a masterpiece.


I’m constantly improving myself to make a better produkt every time and always ends with a better video than before. That’s why I’m always looking forward and thinking of where i can improve to achieve succes.

Want to collaborate?

Go check my work, media and contact me if you are interested.